Payment Options

Pay Your Utility Bill Online

Online bill pay with your financial institution:

  • A service provided by your financial institution that allows you to pay your bills online.
  • You need to sign up for this service with your bank or credit union, set up City of Adair Village as a payee (make sure you include your name and account number in the memo box), and enter the amount owed on your bill.
  • Your financial institution will send the check to us for you

Dropping off your payment:

  • City of Adair Village, 6030 NE William R Carr, from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday. Check, Cash, or Money Order only at this time: Please note that change will not be given for cash payments, any overages will be applied to your account as a credit.
  • Drop Box in City Hall parking lot- Payments can be dropped off at anytime, please no cash, checks only!

Mailing your payment:

  • Send a check for the amount owed to:
    City of Adair Village
    6030 NE William R Carr Ave
    Adair Village, OR 97330
  •  Remember to put a stamp on your envelope before mailing. Please do not send cash.

Starting Water Service

  • If you are new to Adair Village please fill out an application for New Water Service Application 2015 and return it to The City of Adair Village.
  • Please make sure that your application is signed.
  • An application and deposit of $130.00 is required prior to start of service.
  • For more information on water service please read the 2016 INFORMATION FOR NEW WATER CUSTOMERS.

Water Rates

Water Rates for the residents within the city limits of Adair Village are as follows:

Water (base rate) $48.00
Cost per 1000 gallons $4.65
Sewer (flat rate) $53.00
Storm Drain (flat rate) $2.50

Water Rates for those that receive water from Adair Village, but live outside the city limits are as follows:

Base Rates for differing meter sizes – All meters pay the $4.65 per 1000 gallons
3/4″ meter $54.00
1″ meter $80.00
1.5″ meter $160.00
2″ meter $256.00
4″+ meter $2,000.00