Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) launches new website


September 28, 2022

Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) launches new website

LEBANON, OR ­– Mid Valley Partners (MVP) has been renamed Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) to more clearly reflect its efforts to support the region’s economic growth.

Along with its new name, the group announced the launch of its website ( The site serves as a resource for entrepreneurs, current business owners and prospective investors.

Rural Economic Alliance elected its new name, in part, because of the acronym, REAL.

“When you do business in Linn and Benton counties you are working with REAL people in REAL communities doing REAL business,” said Hilary Norton, city administrator of partner-city, Halsey. “In bigger cities when you look for help you are usually sent to an automated system with formulaic information that may or may not fit your business. In our communities, you talk with a real person who can help with your specific needs.”

REAL partnered with Pacific Northwest-based agency, JayRay Ads & PR, for the rebranding effort. The agency held three in-person brand workshops and several virtual meetings with REAL members to uncover their brand, select their new name and design their visual identity.

“During our branding work we identified some incredible strategic advantages to doing business in our region,” said Scott McDowell, City Administrator of partner-city Brownsville. “We found doing business in Linn and Benton counties to be easier and more welcoming than working in larger cities.”

REAL is committed to lifting up members of the local business community, sharing resources, and acting as a resource themselves to help serve the business community.

If you are interested in partnering with REAL or seeking help with your business in Linn or Benton counties, email or visit

Media Contact:

Alysia Rodgers

Economic Development Catalyst, City of Lebanon


FEMA Field Surveys in Benton County

The City of Adair Village has been working collaboratively with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the State of Oregon, and local communities to better identify flood risk in the county. This effort includes a new flood study on Calloway Creek and several streams crossing county and city lands that will ultimately be used to update the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map and provide the local jurisdictions with valuable flood risk information. Better identification of flood risk helps people determine their own priorities and take steps to reduce risk to lives and property. This data also supports communities in recovery efforts when disaster strikes.

For more information please read the letter from FEMA introducing the field studies in Benton County below:

FEMA_Survey_Notification_Letter_Adair Village_GENERAL_FINAL

Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

The Planning Committee Meeting Packet for October 11, 2022 is below:

PC Packet 221011

The Information packet for the September 20, 2022 Public Hearing are listed below:

Other relevant documents regarding the UGB Expansion are below:



My name is Karla McGrath and I joined the CERT Program because I wanted to contribute to the community beyond what I do as a staff person at City Hall. What I learned from the training will allow me to do that, but it also taught me how to be prepared for an emergency myself.  The program emphasizes putting your family first before responding to a disaster in your City.   I also appreciated learning how the program manages leadership communication – how they make sure that instructions are given clearly and understood well up and down a chain of command.  It was fascinating and encouraging.

The Adair Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) includes Adair residents: Becky Currier, Delores Jean Pollard, Alan Rowe, Kevin Armstrong, Karen Ross, Karla McGrath, John Wilson, and Jonathan Purdy. We have put together a video linked below that highlights what we want our community to know about CERT.  The Adair CERT team of volunteers will continue training monthly so that we will be ready to serve our community when the City requests it.

We hope that you will consider your own emergency response readiness and perhaps consider joining the next training course set to begin in March 2021. The course is taught by lead teacher, Jerry Jackson, who has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that make him an outstanding teacher and resource for participants.  His co-teachers include Phil Harkins, retired firefighter; Chuck Harris, retired ARFD Fire Chief; and others.  For More information contact Jerry Jackson at or 541-745-5507.

Let’s be prepared together!


Thank you to Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund for donating $6,500 to help the City of Adair Village’s newly remodeled barracks building that will be turned into the new community center. The monies from the grant will be used to buy furnishings for the kitchen and office, as well as electronics for the community center.

Use of the building will be open to the public to reserve the space for meetings and parties. There will be laptops to borrow, video and board games, as well as a small library. If you would like to donate books, crafts or games, please drop them off at City Hall. We are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00-5:00pm.


180723: Benton County Transportation System Plan Update

Community Transportation Workshop Agenda

Thursday, July 19, 2018; 5:30-7:30 pm                                     Tuesday, July 24, 2018; 5:30-7:30 pm

Monroe Community Library                                                        Benton County Sunset Meeting Room

380 North 5th Street                                                                       4077 SW Research Way

Monroe, OR 97456                                                                          Corvallis, OR 97333

(Spanish interpretation available)


Wednesday, July 25, 2018: 5:30-7:30 pm

Adair Village Clubhouse

6097 NE Ebony Lane

Corvallis, OR  97321


Schedule Topic Presenter/Notes
5:30 – 6:00  pm OPEN HOUSE

·        Information dissemination

·        Staffed stations, including interactive mapping

This is an opportunity to review project information, transportation system maps, and proposed projects and priorities.
6:00 Welcome, Introductions and Workshop Purpose Jim Owens, Facilitator

Laurel Byer, Benton County Public Works

6:05 Project Status

·        Summary of Planning Process; Schedule and Next Steps

·        Summary of Public Input to Date


Laurel Byer

Jim Owens

6:15 Key Plan Elements

·         Changes in Current Transportation Standards

·         Rating and Prioritization of Projects

·         Projected Funding for Transportation Improvements

·         High Priority Projects

John Bosket, DKS
6:30 Q/A and General Comment


This is an opportunity to ask questions and provide general comments.
6:45 – 7:30 pm OPEN HOUSE, cont.

·         Staffed stations with comment opportunities

·        Questionnaire

This is an opportunity to provide comment on proposed changes in transportation standards and on proposed projects and priorities.
7:30 pm ADJOURN


Thank you Siletz Tribal Charitable Fund

The City of Adair Village would like to thank the Siletz Tribal Charitable Fund for their generous and continued support. We are in the process of making improvements to the Kiddie Park and their contribution allowed us to make many improvements we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do! The park shelter is being replaced this week, and we have ordered new tables. We are also getting playground mats to make the playground safer. Thank you Siletz Tribal Charitable Fund!

Budget 2017-2018 Timeline & Process

Date                            Action

Feb 7th                    Council Appoints Budget Officer

Feb & Mar              City Staff Prepares Budget by Fund

March 25th              “Notice of Budget Committee Meeting” sent to each street address within city limits.  Notice contains Date, Time, and Location of meeting.  Committee will receive budget, hear budget message, and take questions and comments from the public.

  • The first Budget Committee Meeting set for April 19th

April 11th                Budget Officer Finalizes Draft Budget Document and forwards to Budget Committee Members for review

April 19th                          First Budget Committee Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

  • Elect Budget Committee Chair
  • Discussion of Budget & Budget Message
  • Questions and Comments from Public

May 2nd                             Second Budget Committee Meeting – 6:00 p.m., before City Council meeting

  • Discussion of Budget Proposal
  • Possible Uses for State Revenue Sharing
  • Public Comment on State Revenue Sharing
  • Approve Budget, Tax Rate & Proposed Tax Levy
  • Budget Committee Certifies Final Budget Document to Council

May 23rd                 Third Budget Committee Meeting – 6:30 p.m.-only if necessary

  • Discussion of Budget Proposal
  • Approve Budget, Tax Rate & Proposed Tax Levy
  • Discussion of Proposed Uses for State Revenue Sharing
  • Budget Committee Certifies Final Budget Document to Council

May 26th                  Proposed Budget Published & Available to Public

May 30th                 Meeting Notice for June 6th  Council sent to each street address within city limits.  Notice contains Date, Time, and Location of meeting and how to receive a copy of the Budget.  Council will receive budget document recommendation from Budget Committee and take questions and comments from the public.

June 6th                   Budget Hearing at the regularly scheduled Council Meeting

  • Resolutions to Enact:
    1. Adopt Budget & State Revenue Sharing
    2. Tax Rate
    3. Proposed Tax Levy
  • Submit Tax Certification Documents to the County Assessor

June 20th                  Special City Council Meeting, if necessary to complete required work

July 15th                   Deadline for Filing Budget; and Deadline certify certain Resolutions

Leaf Collection and Street Sweeping

The leaf pick up days are scheduled for Monday, October 31st, Monday, November 14th and Monday, December 12th.  Please rake leaves into the street just before the collection dates.  Be sure you are not blocking bike lanes, storm drains or driveways.

Street sweeping will occur the day after leaf pick up – November 1st, November 15th and December 13th.

Please move vehicles off the streets on both leaf pick up and street sweeping days.  Parking is available at City Hall.