Notice of Public Hearings August 4, 2020 City Hall Regarding Amending the City Charter, Designating Wards, and Vacating Cherry Drive


 The City Council will hold Public Hearings on Tuesday, August 4 at 6:00 p.m. at the Adair Village City Hall, 6030 William R. Carr Avenue, Adair Village to address the matters listed below. Hard copies are available at City Hall or they can be viewed on our website at

1)   Amend the City Charter of the City of Adair Village as approved by the Electors, (Ordinance 2020-01)

2)   Designate Wards within the City of Adair Village; (Ordinance 2020-02)

3)   Consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation to vacate the unimproved Cherry Drive, located in the first addition to Adair Meadows in the City of Adair Village, Benton County, Oregon., (Ordinance 2020-03)