Notice of Public Hearings on August 17 (Planning Commission) and September 7, 2021 (City Council) to Consider Development Code Amendment Adding the R-4 Cottage Cluster Zoning Classification & Section 6.106 COTTAGE CLUSTER STANDARDS

PH NOTICE – R-4 Cottage Cluster Dev Code Comp Plan Amendment


Residential Zone R-4

Cottage Cluster – USE STANDARDS

STAFF REPORT- R-4 Zone Use Standards


Founder’s Day Event August 13th, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Adair Village’s Annual Founder’s Day Event:

Saturday, August 13, 2022 from 10 AM to 3 PM

We have awesome activities planned, including:

  • A free BBQ (from 11 AM—2 PM)
  • Merchants’ booths
  • Creature Teachers
  • Face painting
  • Two balloon sculptors
  • A large bounce house (see picture below!)
  • The Sheriff’s Department
  • The Fire Department
  • Live music!

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at this event,  please e-mail
Vendor spaces are free, but we need you to register.


Notice of Public Hearings August 4, 2020 City Hall Regarding Amending the City Charter, Designating Wards, and Vacating Cherry Drive


 The City Council will hold Public Hearings on Tuesday, August 4 at 6:00 p.m. at the Adair Village City Hall, 6030 William R. Carr Avenue, Adair Village to address the matters listed below. Hard copies are available at City Hall or they can be viewed on our website at

1)   Amend the City Charter of the City of Adair Village as approved by the Electors, (Ordinance 2020-01)

2)   Designate Wards within the City of Adair Village; (Ordinance 2020-02)

3)   Consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation to vacate the unimproved Cherry Drive, located in the first addition to Adair Meadows in the City of Adair Village, Benton County, Oregon., (Ordinance 2020-03)

Notice of Public Hearings July 21, and August 4, 2020 – Development Code Amendments

NOTICE – Development Code Amendments – Notice of Hearing 7.21.2020

Attachment C TSP CODE AMENDMENTS – Staff Report

Attachment C1 TSP – Article 1-Administrative Provisions-1

Attachment C2 TSP – Article 2-Application Procedures

Attachment C3 TSP – Article 5-Development Standards

Attachment C4 TSP – Article 6-Use Standards

Attachment C5 TSP – Article 7-Special Area Standards

Attachment C6 TSP – Article 8-Improvement Requirements


My name is Karla McGrath and I joined the CERT Program because I wanted to contribute to the community beyond what I do as a staff person at City Hall. What I learned from the training will allow me to do that, but it also taught me how to be prepared for an emergency myself.  The program emphasizes putting your family first before responding to a disaster in your City.   I also appreciated learning how the program manages leadership communication – how they make sure that instructions are given clearly and understood well up and down a chain of command.  It was fascinating and encouraging.

The Adair Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) includes Adair residents: Becky Currier, Delores Jean Pollard, Alan Rowe, Kevin Armstrong, Karen Ross, Karla McGrath, John Wilson, and Jonathan Purdy. We have put together a video linked below that highlights what we want our community to know about CERT.  The Adair CERT team of volunteers will continue training monthly so that we will be ready to serve our community when the City requests it.

We hope that you will consider your own emergency response readiness and perhaps consider joining the next training course set to begin in March 2021. The course is taught by lead teacher, Jerry Jackson, who has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that make him an outstanding teacher and resource for participants.  His co-teachers include Phil Harkins, retired firefighter; Chuck Harris, retired ARFD Fire Chief; and others.  For More information contact Jerry Jackson at or 541-745-5507.

Let’s be prepared together!

Notice of Public Hearing March 17, 2020 Regarding Proposed Land Use Development Code Amendments

Adair Village Land Use Development Code AMENDMENTS

The City of Adair Village adopted its Transportation Systems Plan (TSP) in 2019. OAR 660-012-0045 requires each local government to amend its land use regulations to implement the TSP and to adopt land use regulations consistent with state and federal requirements “to protect transportation facilities, corridors and sites for their identified functions.” These requirements are achieved through a variety of measures, including access control standards, robust pedestrian and bicycle circulation and connectivity provisions, standards to protect future road operations of roads, and expanded notice requirements and coordinated review procedures for land use applications.

Measures in OAR 660-012-0060 address plan and land use regulation amendments to ensure that proposed land uses are consistent with the identified function and capacity of existing and planned transportation facilities. It includes criteria for identifying significant effects of plan or land use regulation amendments on transportation facilities, actions to be taken when a significant effect would occur, identification of planned facilities, and coordination with transportation facility providers.

The modifications include text that is being added or deleted within the current Development Code. Because of the mixture of text being added, some of the text colors remained different. However, all new text will be underlined and all text being deleted will have a strike-through. The language will need to be incorporated into the Development Code via an amending ordinance. Changes have already been made to the Comprehensive Plan that support and implement the proposed Development Code recommendations.

TSP – Article 1-Administrative Provisions-1

TSP – Article 2-Application Procedures

TSP – Article 5-Development Standards

TSP – Article 6-Use Standards

TSP – Article 7-Special Area Standards

TSP – Article 8-Improvement Requirements