Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) launches new website


September 28, 2022

Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) launches new website

LEBANON, OR ­– Mid Valley Partners (MVP) has been renamed Rural Economic Alliance (REAL) to more clearly reflect its efforts to support the region’s economic growth.

Along with its new name, the group announced the launch of its website ( The site serves as a resource for entrepreneurs, current business owners and prospective investors.

Rural Economic Alliance elected its new name, in part, because of the acronym, REAL.

“When you do business in Linn and Benton counties you are working with REAL people in REAL communities doing REAL business,” said Hilary Norton, city administrator of partner-city, Halsey. “In bigger cities when you look for help you are usually sent to an automated system with formulaic information that may or may not fit your business. In our communities, you talk with a real person who can help with your specific needs.”

REAL partnered with Pacific Northwest-based agency, JayRay Ads & PR, for the rebranding effort. The agency held three in-person brand workshops and several virtual meetings with REAL members to uncover their brand, select their new name and design their visual identity.

“During our branding work we identified some incredible strategic advantages to doing business in our region,” said Scott McDowell, City Administrator of partner-city Brownsville. “We found doing business in Linn and Benton counties to be easier and more welcoming than working in larger cities.”

REAL is committed to lifting up members of the local business community, sharing resources, and acting as a resource themselves to help serve the business community.

If you are interested in partnering with REAL or seeking help with your business in Linn or Benton counties, email or visit

Media Contact:

Alysia Rodgers

Economic Development Catalyst, City of Lebanon


FEMA Field Surveys in Benton County

The City of Adair Village has been working collaboratively with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the State of Oregon, and local communities to better identify flood risk in the county. This effort includes a new flood study on Calloway Creek and several streams crossing county and city lands that will ultimately be used to update the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map and provide the local jurisdictions with valuable flood risk information. Better identification of flood risk helps people determine their own priorities and take steps to reduce risk to lives and property. This data also supports communities in recovery efforts when disaster strikes.

For more information please read the letter from FEMA introducing the field studies in Benton County below:

FEMA_Survey_Notification_Letter_Adair Village_GENERAL_FINAL

UGB Expansion Joint Public Hearing September 20, 2022 6:00 p.m. at Santiam Christian School Map Room

Please note that the Adair Village Newsletter incorrectly stated that the Joint Public Hearing on  September 20th would be held at City Hall.  It is, as stated on the Public Hearing Notice, to be held at Santiam Christian High School (Map Room).  We apologize for the confusion.

PC Hearing Notice – Adair UGB Amendment (002)